Trip 12 - Day 12- First Day in New York

August 8, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

D12_TU17_06 View from my hotel room v Caught crazy 3am-6.30am flight from SD to NY with Nina and then without a nights sleep we went to Pearl Paint and sketched on the streets. I continued till my hotel room was ready and then crashed
This is the view from my hotel room… a quick sketch to end my day!
D12_TU17_01 Crazy flight to NYC
Catching the flight to NYC with Nina at 3am
Very cool to be sitting next to a sketcher on the plane!
D12_TU17_02 Straight to Pearl Paint
NYCD1 First stop food and drink
Ok, not the most exciting place to have breakfast, but we were desperate for food and drink!
NYCD1 Second Stop Pearl Paint
Second stop Pearl Paint!
D12_TU17_03 Just north of Canal
Third stop – a sketch!
NYCD1 Third stop sketching on the streets_Me
NYCD1 Third stop sketching on the streets_Nina
Nina then left to go back to the airport and I went to look for some tea!!!!
D12_TU17_04 First (chinatown) tea stop
D12_TU17_05 Public library (fading fast)
Fading fast…but just HAD to sketch!!!

I love NY!

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