Sketching Architecture Wk 4 - Tone Colour and Texture

November 29, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Final (4th) week of my sketching architecture class in the Rocks – looking at tone and colour. A lot to cover in one morning so I did an overview.

This week included:
1. how to map the light vs dark areas and then distinguish between what is shade and what is cast shadow.
2. How to get an arsenal together of standard watercolour mixes for architecture – I shared my favourite ones. And, as per my other classes this year, I showed how I like to work with juicy washes and often wet in wet – hitting it hard and leaving it.
3.  Texture – how to decide how much to include and options for line vs colour.

We then went outside to have some fun (and no perspective!)

Thursday was a very warm sunny day. We headed to Susannah Place museum to look at the shadows and the textures of this historic collection of terrace houses. The sun moved quickly so we had to do value studies straight away and then had time to play with texture swatches. Trying to find areas in shade was a struggle and the security guard for the building we were using for shelter came to check what we were doing!

Friday was about 10C colder and raining…so not a great deal of tonal contrast visible but we still had fun exploring different ways to make textures with our watercolour and/or telling a story with one portion of the scene in front of us.

So much fun doing this course… and plan more in 2014.

Tomorrow I am doing a full day workshop summarising the content of this 4 week course- It will be a lot of fun whatever the Sydney weather is doing!

Thanks to everyone that we part of the class either on Thursday or Friday… what a keen and inspiring bunch of sketchers and it was a privilege to be able to share my approach to sketching architecture with you.

I have REALLY enjoyed doing these Sketching Architecture classes for a number of reasons.

– A truly wonderful bunch of sketchers over two days ( we all have so much fun together… even when trying to conquer perspective)

– I have loved the subject matter – having a break from practising architecture has been a little strange this year, so it has been great to get my head back into the subject I know most about

– It has been great being in The Rocks area – a great part of Sydney. In fact after spending most of the year in suburbia it is great to be working in the heart of the city – and back to back days has been fun as well. I do seem to love being in a busy CBD (downtown) and feeling the pulse of the city.

– And last but not least- I have loved hanging out in the Tea Cosy Tearoom. Having their upstairs room as a classroom has been wonderful. Thanks to Ash and the wonderful staff there that have looked after us so well this month.