This week so far....tea and cake, a paint palette and an Aalto brick wall

April 2, 2014 | 2 Comments

I have so much to catch up on in many aspects of my life right at the moment… and have a huge need for a little break. But it seems that I do not have a good understanding of the term ‘break’… I just seem to keep going and going!

Anyway here are the pages in my daily sketchbook from the last three days(hold on…it has only been 2 days!)

I know I don’t need a new palette but I was given one… so trying to work out how to use it (ie. what colours to fill it up with) Still not sure…but having fun thinking about all the options!

My pre and post-workshop sketches from yesterday. A full report on the Sketch The Cake workshop for Rockdale Council will come later.
I am really having a lot of fun with my paint lately- does it show??? These yummy cakes from Vanilla Cupcakery in Kingsgrove are so sketchable and decidedly yummy too!

And finally last night I hit the wall… but somehow I still found a little bit of energy to reach for an Alvar Aalto book and do a very loose version of his amazing wall in the Murratsalo House. So I title this piece “hitting the aalto wall”

I still have a LOT of things to catch up so if you are one of the people waiting for an email reply from me…it is coming….


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