A crazy house extension, more food and a little Ruskin

April 30, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

my sketch from yesterday… I must have been exhausted to have missed a day posting! This is the most hilarious extension I have seen for a long time.

The roof caught my eye and in usual style I just started drawing it (as a way to explore it) I then realised while drawing the front gable that there were different owners on either side – one went up the other didn’t. But why does this half extension go just beyond the ridge line??? And why is the attraction of the tokenistic (is there such a word) round ‘feature’ window. Is it over a stair? I sat pondering these questions while I was sketching….


Food for thought…
half hearted attempt at a food diary doesn’t work… so tomorrow back on track.

As my sideways notes say- I re-borrowed my BCN books from the library and in doing so a book on the shelf jumped out of me crying “read me”. It just looked like a great book ( the table of contents was exciting!) and it is not totally irrelevant as trip pre-reading. John Ruskin did have a huge impact on the architects in London and he did have an impact on Gaudi. All part of the gothic revivalism and the role of ornamentation. The books I have on BCN seem to be heavy reading… but this book, although more a theory book is a much better read. Maybe theory is easier to read than history!

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