The end of an era: A new Lamy Joy

June 11, 2019 | 9 Comments

I just realised that I forgot to share with you the end of an era!

I’ve officially retired my first white Lamy Joy and replaced it with a new special edition Joy White and Red. This new pen was purchased in Assisi by one of the lovely participants of the Palladian Odyssey Tours.

I started using my original White Joy the week I resigned from my architect job so I have a lot of sentimental attachment to it. Last year when visiting Lamy San Francisco I got a replacement White Joy as the cap wasn’t staying on but I left that at home and I replaced the original grey o-ring on my first White Joy with a black one to fix the cap problem.

This trip my White Joy leaked twice (first time ever) and cap kept coming off. So it was time to retire it.

The new Joy is a lot of fun and I love it. It looks like my white twsbi eco from the end. I use the Eco for writing but love love love the balance of the Lamy Joy in my hand when I’m sketching.

I’m using a gold nib which was once EF but is now like a Med. Using De Atramentis document black for ink. it was amazing how well the new pen flowed.

Happy girl!



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