Teacups course is now open for enrollment (and some behind the scenes!)

May 22, 2023 | 8 Comments

I’m super excited to announce that my Teacups course is now open for enrollment!

4 week Self-Paced course


Find out more and sign up

Please check out the video which gives you a good idea of what we will be covering in the course.

(BTW I’m holding my new special teacup bought especially for this course. It’s a T2 called Neverending Summer – Oranges and is such a beautiful design!)

In the Teacups course, I break down every step you need in order to sketch them in your own style. There are three main parts to the course – 2 theory sections and a demo section.

The course contains a lot of new content that I’ve never shared before!

In Theory 1 we will look at how teacups are a perfect subject to learn how to sketch with edges, shapes and volumes and to sharpen our basic observational skills.

You’ll learn not only how to draw ellipses (including concentric ellipses) but also how to see foreshortened shapes and look for important relationships between edges. You’ll also learn how to do some simple sight measuring so that your teacup sketches look less wonky.

And then you’ll develop skills to analyse, simplify and interpret teacup patterns and sketch them in your own style.

Teacups are also perfect for learning and refining many watercolour techniques and this is what we’ll look at in Theory 2.

We’ll explore how to:

  • develop the basic skills of getting the right ratio of pigment and water in our washes (teacup sketches use a combination of watery, juicy and pasty washes)
  • combine the colours in our palette to create beautiful patterns and understand more about their unique pigment characteristics
  • use more advanced wet-in-wet techniques and take risks in order to create lots of watercolour magic!


And then in the Demo section of the course, we’ll use all the skills we’ve learnt in the two theory parts to sketch teacups in a range of media – ink and wash, watercolour pencil and watercolour and paint-only. There are 8 different demos showing various techniques and covering a range of teacup patterns and shapes.

I’ve had so much fun putting this course together so I want to share some behind the scenes…

My videographer helped me set up four camera angles to best record the lessons. I’m especially excited about this angled overhead view (that’s a new addition to my setup) as it clearly shows my palette (especially when I’m mixing) and also the amount of water in my washes.

And I also have a detailed camera view to capture the angle of my brush and all the subtle adjustments I make to achieve the best results from my watercolour washes. As I reviewed the videos I came up with a new phrase to describe this – it’s The Dance of the Dagger!

For this course I’m actually editing all the video lessons myself… and learning new software at the same time – thanks to the advice of my videographer! 🙂

DaVinci Resolve is amazing to use when I have four different angles to choose from – the Multicam feature is a huge time-saver and fun to use. It’s making it easier for me to decide on the best camera angle to explain what I’m doing. My teacup sketching involves my most sophisticated watercolour techniques so having these camera options is helping me put together the clearest instruction possible.

I’m so excited about this course as it pulls together many of the skills that I’ve explained in detail in my other courses (Foundations, Watercolour, Edges and even Buildings and Watercolour on Location). There is so much to explore as teacup sketching involves a rich combination of drawing and painting, it sharpens our skills of observation and interpretation and is a celebration of pattern and colour!

If it’s a good fit for you I’d love to see you inside the course. Here is the link to find out more one more time. And if you have any questions about the course please send us an email using the contact form on the SketchingNow site.

And finally, to all those who have already signed up… I’m looking forward to going through this course with you and hope that you are enjoying collecting a few teacups and/or patterned vessels to sketch.



  • Maria Bergman says:

    Hi Liz!
    So excited about ‘Teacups’! and very happy to hear about the varied filming angles you are using. I’ve often had a hard time following a demo when the angle abruptly changes to oblique from overhead. Really looking forward to this fun class and getting out my teacups today!

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Maria. So happy to hear that you are excited. I’m very carefully choosing the camera angles for this course. The oblique views are important at times to show brush angle which is critical to understand for some of the watercolour effects I achieve when doing teacups.

  • Jaime Evans says:

    Dearest Liz,
    Many years ago you did a teacup demo in a sketchbook skool course and I was so completely inspired by everything. Since then I carry and use a white Lamy Joy with DeAtremis Doc brown and I use water-soluble pencils to start every painting sketch, and I drink a lot more tea! I also paint things more than once now (which is big for me!). You are and have been a huge inspiration to me and I am very excited about the teacups course! I signed up on the first day and can’t wait for it to start!!! Thank you!

  • Katie says:

    Also excited to do the Teacups course! I appreciate the resource for ideas of where to buy a teacup for the course. I’d love a cup and saucer that will hold more tea than a traditional china cup. Does anyone here have a suggestion for where to purchase in the U.S.? Those T2 cups and other Australian suppliers look great, but I think I can take possession of a new cup more quickly if I can search locally/online.

  • Jamie C says:

    Four camera angles, AND you are editing your own videos! Wow! This is going to be the best class ever!

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