More afternoon sketching outings to the City

May 19, 2023 | 4 Comments

I’ve been continuing to have regular short sketching outings in the City. Each Wednesday I have an hour or so to sketch before attending the mid-week meeting at my church and then last Friday night I went to another concert at The Con (Sydney Conservatorium of Music).

And I’m continuing to have a lot of fun sketching with different media and trying new things. Most sketches contain a combination of ink, coloured pencils (or watercolour pencils), markers (Goldfaber Aqua Dual Markers or Tombows), Neocolour II water-soluble crayons and watercolour!

The following photo shows how I carry and use all of these different media.

My kit is in its ‘maximum mode’ at the moment as I try to work out what colours I’m using the most.

You can also see why these days I choose my subject based on where I can sit down! 🙂


Friday 12 May

A few hours to sketch before the concert and I decided to do another SOH(Sydney Opera House) sketch – this time starting with Neocolor II shapes. It looks similar to other SOH sketches I’ve done but I was trying to do something different!

I walked around The Rocks and then did this sketch of Susannah Place standing up as the light faded.

I turned up at The Con early and decided to tackle this area (previously I’ve sketched the outside of the building and inside the concert hall and the recital hall). It’s fun to draw an interior space that is not rectangular, so if I was to set up my sketch accurately there would be multiple vanishing points.

As I was waiting for the gang and I didn’t know how much time I would have to do the sketch, I worked in a fairly spontaneous manner – alternating between line and shape.

Here is the finished sketch.

Wednesday 10 May

I’ve been wanting to sketch Town Hall from this bench outside Workshop Espresso on George St for weeks and on this occasion it was empty. I started this sketch with Neocolor II (it is still a strange feeling to use them for architecture) and then added ink lines and watercolour. Although it doesn’t seem so from these photos, it was a really busy spot with people constantly walking past and looking over my shoulder.

Here is the finished sketch.

After doing a few chores I ended up at Hyde Park and used this sketch of St Mary’s to test a few things when using Neocolors – such as what happens when I put down lots of Neocolor and how well do they lift off.

And then my final sketch for the evening was of the empty benches. I really enjoyed doing this drawing!

Wednesday 3 May

Sometimes I just feel like doing something crazy and my sketchbook should be a safe place to try new things.

For some reason I just felt like starting this sketch with a hot pink marker shape. Didn’t quite achieve what I was after but it was a lot of fun!

BTW this is Frank Gehry’s Dr Chau Chak Wing Building – part of UTS.

Another (tamer) sketch of the Gehry building and then a JimmyB – the Mortuary Station that I’ve sketched numerous times before.

Wednesday 2 April

The last sketch for this collection is the Tea Cosy tearoom in The Rocks.

It feels really good to be regularly sketching in the City even if just for an hour or so on each occasion.



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