T2 adventures at Hornsby

June 28, 2013 | 1 Comment

I had an essential chore to do today so thought I might make a little excursion and go up to Hornsby and check out the T2 teahouse there (which will operate till next year sometime) and the shop (where the manager of the Macquarie teahouse now works)

I really had a little too much on my mind to do a slow relaxing sketch(so was a little rushed)… but it was quite surreal to see the same features in a different setting. I was sitting in the darkest corner of the teahouse and couldn’t really see what I was doing. It is not as special as the Macquarie Centre one was, but still better than most coffee shops. It was lovely to see of the staff again… and meet new staff (both of whom know about me and my work! tragic!) Very sad that it was Andrew’s last day… he worked at Macq for the whole time it was open and has been very good to me over the years. Today I let him choose a crazy tea for me! Ayurvedic chai – I can’t find a description of it but it was a herbal chai with coconut! Wow!

Hornsby is too far for regular visits so I used that as some crazy reason to buy a new tea cup… also having a birthday coming up is another pathetic excuse…and what about the fact that I haven’t bought one for 18 months…. After reviewing all the options in the shop and reducing them to 3 we then decided that this one was the best- and it has a lovely BCN flavour to it – like mosaic tiles…and I can get to use my cobalt teal blue (even though it is more a jade) It is a challenging cup pattern so something that will need a few attempts.

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