Three Visitors from Scotland

July 1, 2013 | 2 Comments

I feel so out of touch with my sketching lately and lots happening here at the moment. Will I be ready in time to hit the ground running in BCN????????

Last week was crazy finishing off my work. And this week… My dear sister, her husband and their 5 month old baby girl are here for a I am trying to get as much Aunty Liz time as possible before I leave… and squeeze some warm up sketches in and as for preparing for BCN… this year I am doing things in the last 4 days that are often done a week or so ago… I am STILL sewing my dress ( only dress no. 1 I often sew 2 new dresses!)

Here are two rushed pages from the last few days…and can you tell I was testing out my water soluble pencil options for my BCN trip tools. Also I was just intending to draw a few of my nieces toys but it is almost a toy version of the family! Dad, Mum (my sister would be so flattered with this sketch… but I think that is how she is feeling after the long long flight with the little one who is still jetlagged!) and Bub!

And of course we had to go for coffee/tea today. They don’t do as good a coffee in the highlands/islands of Scotland as they do in Sydney…ok, but not as good! Of course I just had tea!


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