Symposium Preparations

June 18, 2013 | 1 Comment

To get into the mood with had a lovely dinner chatting about sketching and then drew each other after the meal (very important symposium training- which yet again I have neglected this year)
We also have Eza, honourary Sydneysider from Edinburgh at the symposium and Emily who also will be in BCN for the public events.

Earlier in the afternoon…
A very rushed sketch and scan… but I am excited to have made ‘the perfect’ (well not quite perfect) skirt for travelling and sketching!
Making my decision about my palette on the other hand is another matter. The square tin that I am currently using is a little heavy and the extra width made it a bit awkward tonight.

Sewing notes:
Using the skirt part of the dress pattern I have used many many times… hidden pocket for passport and credit cards etc, pockets for pens, loose fitting but smart (for a denim skirt that is) and enough fulness for sitting cross legged on the streets. Of course everyone will want to check out my crazy zip detail now…I realise that! Oops!

1 Comment

  • Your skirt looks great. All the best with your preparations.

    Palette decisions and re-decisions will probably never stop. Suggest you consider dropping Indanthrone Blue (you can make it with Ultra + burnt sienna/QBO/TRO if you need that lovely deep blue), then you have room for full cerulean and your purple.

    And if you want NG back, what about doing a half pan of it and QR or TPO. I tend to find I use very little of my reds doing urban subjects, though I don't paint as many pretty teacups as you. 🙂

    Have fun!

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