Summer 1112 Day 12- At home..sorting sewing and cricket on the radio!

January 3, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Summer! J03TU_03 Cosy Corner

a day at home… deserves a at home sketch!

Summer! J03TU_02 Cricket and Sewing!! Perfect Summers day!

A decidedly silly page but great day at home bringing back memories of long summer holidays when I spent my university holidays sewing and listening/ watching the cricket.

This song sums it all up…. (well doesn’t mention sewing!)

Cricket’s On the radio (Greg Champion)

Life is lazy life is sweet
when January comes
as long as one team’s bowling
and the other’s making runs
I know as soon as I wake up
if it’s my lucky day
if the cricket’s on the ABC
then everything’s okay

And the Cricket’s On The Radio
and everybody’s laying low
as long as there’s a game somewhere
that’s all I need to know
and the Cricket’s On The Radio

Draw the curtains pull the blinds
it’s beating down out there
pop the feet up daddy,
there is cricket on the air
I love the sleepy rhythm of
the commentators’ call
just the ABC and me
and I’ll hang on every ball

And there’s nothing that I have to do
nowhere I have to go
so roll that wicket, I’ve got cricket
on my radio……
the Cricket’s On The Radio
and everybody’s laying low
the Cricket’s On The Radio
nowhere I have to go

Summer! J03TU_01 Oolong and 1950s Festival

More wonky early morning tea cups and my morning reading…

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