Summer 1112 Day 10 & 11 - The start of a new year

January 3, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Summer! J02MO_03 Palm Beach

Well, I finally got to a beach – Palm Beach!

Someone is at the beach trying to sketch

Summer! J02MO_04 Barrenjoey Isthmus and Headland

Sketching on the rocks

Summer! J02MO_05 Palm Beach Rocks

Palm Beach Rocks context and BB directing

Summer! J02MO_06 Holiday traffic

Summer! J02MO_07 Palmie FishnChips

Other pages from yesterday…
Summer! J02MO_01 Organic EGT and 1970s poppy
you must be getting sick of these by now… but I am enjoying going through my cups and tea- organic earl grey and 1970s Poppy cup
Summer! J02MO_02 Geisha Getaway at T2
unscheduled visit to that place again. I am going to stop having scones and start in earnest working my way through the tea list (over 150 varieties!) Today’s tea was a lot of fun
Also want to do more interior sketches

Sunday pages… don’t normally post them..but here are this weeks..since it is the start of a new year
Summer! J01LD_01 Oolong Dan Cong and Coalport

Summer! J01LD_02 Notes

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