Stuck in the Suburbs

April 2, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

…actually, I can’t really say that as only yesterday I was in the CBD (but for talking not sketching as such) BTW CBD =  Central business district (in other words our downtown)

Anyway, as I am spending the majority of time these days in the heart of the NW Suburbia of Sydney I am drawn to roaming the streets looking for interesting houses. This one is not quite a popular style these days.

I am working up to sketching the typical hideous project home of recent years- the sense of scale of these modern houses upsets my architectural sensibilities…but I am sure that they are lovely homes to many people! (making a huge distinction between house and home there and don’t want to offend anyone that lives in one such house… but I probably just have- sorry!)

Today, I was focusing on preserving some whites and then destroying my work in Shirley Trevena style (ie. she puts paint down and then blots it or adds water over the top to mess it up… it is a VERY fun thing to do!) I can’t help mixing up watercolour and watercolour pencil these days as well.

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