Semi Detached with notes on the side

April 4, 2013 | 2 Comments

Another suburban sketch – quick one related to a physio appointment…with some interesting notes on the side…
BTW I really don’t like the current trend of painting houses very dark colours (so boring to paint! no colour in the shadow at all) Interesting semi-detached house – only one side gabled and the decoration to the gable is very asymmetrical.

I am building up to a very very important post (haven’t quite worked out the solution yet) about the health hazards of sketching. As some of you know I have chronic neck, shoulder issues(among other things!) and I have been having some physio treatment over the last 6 months to get myself in order.

While sketching has not caused my problems, my posture has been bad and I am working with my physio to get the best possible solution. This involves types of bag and stool, whether standing or sitting.

 I have the most wonderful physio who knows I will not stop sketching and when I have the best solution for me, will share it as it might be helpful for some of you! It is important whatever do you to make sure that you are in the right position. Sitting in front of a computer all day has its issues as does using an ipad and smartphone (ipad neck is a REAL big issue these days) and so likewise sketching… I want to make sure that I am not making anything worse by my position of head and the way I sit…more to follow!


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