BCN Planning Meeting, a new palette and a new bag

April 1, 2013 | 2 Comments

I can’t tell you how excited I am that two of my great sketching friends in Sydney (as well as one from Edinburgh!!!) have booked to go to the USk Symposium in BCN.

Today was our first meeting … but only Alissa could make it. As an experienced symposium goer (all have been privileged to go to all 3 previous ones) I am keen to share all my advice with them and answer any question – no matter how silly! Actually some of my advice might be silly… but DO start planning to keep a spare 4kg in your suitcase for any symposium goodies or local art supply purchases you make! I am afraid that I got into ‘symposium mode’…whats that? Well let me say that we were both exhausted after 3 hours of USK chatter! I might formulate my top ten symposium tips over the next little while…

Ah! Preparation is the most fun part of the trip- even though it can do your head in when you have too much to think about, and too much advice from someone that never stops talking….

I took the few minutes when Alissa was out buying food/ coffee to sneak this two rushed sketches… I am afraid my chicken doesn’t look like chicken but I was hungry and it disappeared before I had finished sketching

A sketch I did on the train today (infilling a spread that I accidentally missed on Friday). I have changes my palette again – going back to the little size and have a yet another new bag. This is the lightest ever- only 350g and big enough to fit in the A4 size moleskine which I intend to take with me to BCN etc. I wasn’t looking, and the Hedgren bags were on special. I have a shoulder/neck condition which means I have to be so careful with the weight…this one feels so good! And of course having a red bag might affect my sewing plans….hmm….


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