Sketching Architecture Workshop Sydney March 2016: Day 2

March 18, 2016 | Leave your thoughts

Another fantastic day teaching Sketching Architecture in Sydney.

Day 2 is the big one as we tackle perspective – the dreaded P-word – and then in the afternoon finish off the workshop having fun with shapes – this is what the above photo is of!

But first, we did a quick review of yesterday’s sketches of St James – which by the way looked even better the next day with a little time distance and without the subject in front of us. I did a quick watercolour mini lesson and then we did a warmup challenge of sketching Notre Dame in 30 seconds. This exercise is always a winner!

Here is my quick watercolour demo sketch.

I then did my big ‘lecture’ on perspective running through diagrams of each step and all the important principles. Teaching perspective is a challenge I love taking on – how to break something that is seen as complicated and technical into simple steps and then help people put it into practice. Seeing people nodding as I work through the content is SO exciting… but it’s even better when I can see them put it into practice – the next step!

Sadly by the time we got out into our location to sketch – the lovely courtyard in The Mint museum – a storm was about to hit.

So my chosen view was not possible. However there was enough shelter and everyone found something to draw!

Once again… wow! So excited by these results!

A big morning, and then a good lunch break, followed by a fun demo in the Sydney Hospital courtyard, sketching with paint first and then alternating between line and wash.

Here is a scan of that sketch.

I was then asked how I would do a looser version of St James. ‘Do you want me to do one from memory in 5 minutes?’ I asked. So I did… in fact I was aiming for 2 minutes and made it, but then used another minute to add a few more careful touches. I know – crazy girl

Then it was everyone’s turn to have fun, loosen up and just put some paint down on the page. And this was the amazing collection of sketches at the end.

Thank you to everyone in this amazing group. I know I say it every time, but it is true every time… an incredible group! It was such a privilege and joy to teach a few of my tricks to you all over the last two days.

Thanks also to the lovely guys at the Courtyard Cafe for looking after us in the cafe sessions, and to Mike and Jenny for taking some photos for me to share here on the blog.

Finally here is a very funny photo from yesterday. No one can remember what was going on (a siren?) but it does look like I am in my own world raving about the building in front of me while everyone else is otherwise occupied! Ha! Too funny!

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