Sketchcrawl 42

January 25, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

I didn’t make it out to sketch with the Sydney gang today … but I did manage to get back to Cockatoo Island for a few hours of serious non stop sketching. Using two sketchbooks today… here is the full collection.

This sketch of the view of Cockatoo Island  from Clarke Point was one of the hardest sketches I have done for a long time … it was blowing a gale and the wind gusts were blowing my book closed (not just blowing the page out from under the elastic strap), blowing dirt onto the page, and paint off the brush, and knocking over a 3/4 full water bottle.. and then I was being bitten by nasty stinging insects! But still I was having fun…. the things we do for a sketch!

Started the day with a cuppa sketch…(how surprising!!!)

The spiral-bound Alpha sketchbook is my daily book whether I write more notes for myself and experiment more…. really enjoying not having to work over a spread…though once again I am working across the spiral!

the other sketchbook  is an A4 moleskine watercolour book and I am really loving working at this size!

10 minutes to wait for the ferry back (like I had when I was going over) I was surprised how easy it was to do a quick painting rather than an ink drawing.

I was going to sketch in the afternoon at a family function but I was just way too exhausted…

and a little too hard to sketch while going on a bushwalk with a 2 year old…

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