Singapore Trip - Teacrawl day

January 11, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Tea Appreciation Day- organised by Café-hopping expert Vynsnt (this was the fourth café hopping day that V organised in the month of December)

06 Wed26_01 Raffles Place Fill In

This page of Raffles Place MRT station was my fill in sketch as I turned up to the meeting point really early. I was awoken every morning by a nearby call to prayers at 5.45am so was up and out of my hotel nice and early most mornings.
06 Wed26_02 Tea Chapter 1
Tea Appreciation Day - Local kopitiam
The plan was to visit 3 different tea houses but the first was closed down so we went to a local coffee shop instead. It worked well as even I would have been tea-ed out. As it was I was over filled with anti-oxidants by the end of the day. We calculated that I had been 60-70 of those tiny cups of tea! WOW!
Tea crawl at tea chapter with tea master Vincent
Great day and very relaxing – in the company of various USKers – Vynsnt, Favian, Su Min, Parka.
06 Wed26_03 Tea Chapter 2

Along with drinking a lot of tea at Tea Chapter (highly recommend this place!) V helped my organise a Chinese seal…my only non tea/art souvenir
06 Wed26_04 Tea Yixing Xuan Teahouse

Second Teahouse couldn’t quite compare BUT the cups and the glass pot were nicer. We had a nice white tea.
Tea Appreciation Day
(sorry about the blurry photo!)

06 Wed26_05 Shop shop post tea
Post tea drinking I did a little shopping!!!!!!
I don’t like shopping – so this intensive shop shop was very efficient.

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