Singapore Trip: Xmas Day

January 10, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Big thanks to Tia for organising another adhoc sketchwalk (only a few blocks from my hotel) was great to have an inspiring group of USKers to hang out. As I have previously posted Christmas Day isn’t a big deal for me but it would be weird to be totally on my own (have done that before tho!)

This was the first day of the trip that I was feeling good and full of energy…and I arrived early for breakfast and some sketching before others turned up…. but it was a huge mistake to try to:
1. sketch the view while waiting for breakfast and talking to people that arrived
2. sketch my breakfast while trying to eat, and talk and meet more sketchers turning up AND trying out a hero pen (which was then given me as a gift!)
Oh! note to myself: don’t try this again! Just enjoy the food and the company!

Then when I started to sketch the building where we had met for breakfast, I panicked at the dark clouds growing rapidly and rushed my sketch….so this page is just a touch out of control!

Lovely visually rich street we had to explore… I think that I was a little overwhelmed by it all… and wish I had just picked one thing to focus on….


Starting to get into the groove…just one more sketch…

So great to get everyone to sign my book and then I did another crazy meal sketch… I had to record my first chicken rice though- didn’t I?

Vincent, the organiser of the cafe hopping day which was on the agenda for the next day suggested somewhere I might be interested in getting tea… so after the sketchwalk broke up, I walked north through Little India on a public holiday. It was quite an experience (not one that I would rush to repeat… many many India men on the streets all looking at me!…but I had no worries about my safety…just not that comfortable with it)

Found a quiet street and sat on my stool and sketched- somewhat flustered but only one quiet elderly Chinese man stopped to look over my shoulder.

Next – Tian Fu Tearoom at the Park Royal. Initially, I was going to sit outside and just have a fancy cup of tea but then I thought I would do something more special…so moved inside (causing havoc and confusion as I always do…) and settled down for a nice high tea

This was not particularly relaxing as I wanted to eat my food while it was warm…but it was a lot of fun and being the last person in the restaurant, the staff were constantly checking on my progress (progress of my sketching not my meal!) The high tea was spectacular!!!

They had their Xmas gift giving session, while I was finishing off, and I got numerous photos with the staff…

it was SO lovely … I felt like they were my ‘family’ for my Xmas dinner.

After my lovely relaxing Chinese high tea I felt like doing something else- and doing a little bit of walking… so how about going to visit Orchard road, sketch a tree (a Xmas tree) and see the lights. Silly silly idea – way too crowded.

Instead I started walking…and ended up walking all the way back to my hotel…LONG walk. Of course I had to stop and sketch a building on my way.

BTW- thanks you to CS and Hong for the gift of a hero pen and Alvin for the USKSG book.


And if you wondering about my attitude to Christmas

I don’t observe Xmas day as a religious event and personally don’t care too much about having a big family day … Therefore it was fun to have an unxmas day. But thought I had to do a sketch to record the crazy walk down Orchard rd.

Reasons for those two shocking statements – although I am a Christian do not observe Christmas as we are not told to observe Christs birth in the bible. I do believe we are to observe one day in seven – the Lords Day as a day of rest and worship commemorating His rising from the dead. A much better deal to have a special day once a week

I do not need to be with my family today. We have SO many great times together during the year. I don’t need presents as I feel that having the family I do is better than anything money can buy.

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