April 26, 2014 | 2 Comments

First time I have done any sewing since I cleared out and reorganised my studio(still a major work in progress) so now rather than working away in a cramped corner I have a big white table surface and some organisation behind. And as usual, I find myself sewing out of season… a summery-looking dress but for a special purpose. (do you know what that might be? -some of you that hang out in a certain facebook group might have seen a reference to it)

I was going to write that I thought this sketch was a good warmup to get my creative juices pumping… but I am not sure that it is good for sewing…. I need calm, careful, slow precision… a slow chill-out approach would have been better….but then I would be sketching all day and not sewing….

… as it turned out I had a lovely day sewing – making something with my hands other than making art was a lovely change. Next week some knitting? I didn’t actually finish the dress today so it will be sewing during the week…it must be finished by Wednesday!


  • You are great at motivating people, Liz. You almost make me want to pull my machine out. Unfortunately, just keeping up with school work right now seems to be a challenge, throw in art, knitting, and sewing (and I'm thinking of trying to take up spinning yarn) and this old chassis starts shuddering and losing parts like no tomorrow. Love the sketch!

  • Liz Steel says:

    yes…it is hard to do all the things we want to do isn't it Sheery?

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