Saturday night Baroque

March 15, 2014 | 1 Comment


Remember the days when I used to do late night Friday night Baroque sketches?… well here is an ‘early Saturday night Baroque’ ( I have scheduled the post a little later than I actually did it)

So many things going on in my head and occupying my hands at the moment… that it is nice just to do a little bit of sketching for myself. Really not doing enough of this at the moment and really should be making more of an event to sketch out on location… when I do that regular things start happening. Oh well… more of that next week I am hoping!

This is a very colourful version of a rather significant but fairly monotone Spanish ‘masterpiece’… but I found it very cold when I was there in 2003. It was a freezing cold day in May and I found the whole palace oppressive as much as it was impressive.
(obviously, this is from a photo)

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