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December 21, 2020 | 1 Comment

I feel very honoured to have been a guest on the Rosemary & Co show: Artist’s Spotlight. It was wonderful to chat with Symi who I haven’t seen since the Urban Sketchers Symposium Chicago. We cover a lot of ground during the conversion and at the end we explain a fun giveaway that we are hosting. Click on image above or here to watch.

After this chat about brushes I thought it would be a good chance to review the ones which I carry around with me and use these days and share them here.
(Note: I use these brushes because I love them. I have no sponsorship or affiliate relationship with Rosemary & Co)

Current Brushes

The brush I use 95% of the time – but I think you all know that 🙂

If you want to know why Ilove this brush so much I talk about it in thus interview and more here.


A brush I’m using a lot at the moment for my Sketchbook Design course (I’ll share more about that later in the week)


For cleaning up edges and creating textured strokes. Discussed in the interview and in this blog article.


When I feel like using a round (it does happen at times!)


For adding details especially for direct watercolour sketches – such as these Venice sketches done for the 30×30 challenge this year. I am still experimenting with these two – I might prefer the one stroke a little more… maybe!

I hope that you enjoy this interview and getting an update on my current brushes. A huge thanks to Symi for inviting me to be on her show. Miss you so much, my friend!

What are your favourite brushes at the moment?

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1 Comment

  • Katherine B says:

    My current go-to brush is the R16 3/8″ Dagger brush. I was using the half inch dagger, but found it a little unwieldy for my at times and the R12 quarter inch a little bit small. I’ve found myself reaching for the R16 over and over and seems to suit me well. 🙂 When I’m not reaching for that I grab the R2 to use.

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