Recent quick sketching in Sydney City

February 26, 2024 | 14 Comments

A quick update sharing recent sketching in Sydney City this year.

I’m still managing to do a sketch each Wednesday before the mid-week meeting at my church. You will also notice an SOH sketch in this collection. (SOH = Sydney Opera House). I did this sketch while catching up with Alissa Duke who was visiting Sydney.

As I mentioned in my last article here, when I don’t have a lot of time and/or can’t focus on my sketching I love using watercolour pencils.



  • Lois Courtright says:

    So fun to see!

    Thank you Liz!!!

  • Jamie C says:

    Some great interiors in this batch! As well as the buildings. You’ve said the watercolor pencils are great for fast sketching, and I’m curious why they won over markers?

    • Liz Steel says:

      HI Jamie, I’m using watercolour at the moment (for the Live Version) and so WCP is the best media to pair with watercolour. If I was really pressed for time I might go back to WCP and marker. But at the moment I want to use watercolour whenever I can!

  • Dawn Holder says:

    You are truly inspiring, Liz! Thanks so much for sharing your sketches.

  • Ginie Udy says:

    Hi Liz, I always love seeing your sketches of the Rocks area of Sydney, And now I’m noticing all the accurate angles you achieve in the buildings, after finally finishing the Buildings course. Can’t wait for Edges to start!

    You mentioned using a new set of WCP: what brand are they? Still AD?

    • Liz Steel says:

      Thanks Ginie – its a limited selection of AD. Not a full colour wheel of colours but I’m enjoying the fun colours. Will share more when I’m settled at my new place.

  • Karen Isenhower says:

    I really like the layout of the first spread, where the lost edges of the coffee merge with the building. Nice! I get a lot of ideas by seeing your work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kamal says:

    I really enjoy the one of your afternoon coffee spot Liz. It’s probably one of my favourites of yours. I enjoy how much light and white you keep in that one. The blue umbrella’s simply pop and my eye is drawn to them immediately. I also enjoy the character of the lines for the people and chairs and how you captured shadows underneath them. Hoping to join you for Edges! And hope your move goes smoothly. 🙂

    • Liz Steel says:

      Thanks Kamal – I enjoyed doing that sketch! Glad you are planning to join Edges… and moving is going well thanks!

  • Patricia Wafer says:

    These are great. I will sharpen up my watercolor pencils today! I’ve been meaning to sharpen them with a utility knife rather than my electric sharpener so that I can get broader points. I think that way it’s possible to get more variety in the lines. When I see your pencils on your blog it looks like that’s what you’ve done.

    • Marta says:

      Hey Patricia, have you tried KUM masterpiece? I used to sharpen pencils with knife, but it’s just so time consuming, and less easy while I’m on location. With the KUM masterpiece I just use the first step sharpener only to sharpen off the wood.

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