Pure reflex vs non dominant hand

June 11, 2014 | 1 Comment

Had a flat out morning… two appointments and I tried to sneak a coffee with a friend in between. So my tea sketch was an example of 100% reflex. I don’t remember really thinking about it much at all -was way too engaged in the conversation. But well, as you all know, I do sketch the odd cup of tea so I can rely on my reflex.

On the right side of the spread is a yellow background, lines and text done with my right hand (yes I am a leftie). I have decided to only do work with my right hand for the next week for a little bit of fun (and well, my left hand has been doing overtime lately and I think it would like a little break!)

And the yellow square is because I had my yellow fever shot today in preparation for The Urban Sketchers Symposium in Brazil in August. (picking up Visa tomorrow…so I am ready to go) I am hoping that it doesn’t knock me about too much…though a forced rest wouldn’t do me any harm! (The Tassie trip was a little crazy)

1 Comment

  • Great idea to work with your non-dominant hand for a bit. Would love to hear what you learn during that experiment too. Love the sketch as always. You are a whirlwind!

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