Podcast: How I use my mac devices for my work

September 5, 2018 | 2 Comments

For something entirely different…

Today I want to share a podcast interview from a few months ago.

My good friend Damien Schreurs from Luxembourg – he is a mac guru not a sketcher – has a podcast called Macprenuer. It’s all about how small business owners/entrepreneurs run their business on their iPhone, iPad, Mac and any other Apple devices.

I used to be more of a tech-head and into the ‘latest and greatest’ when I was working as an architect but I’ve focused more on paints, brushes and paper in recent years. So it was fun to pause and think about the way I use technology and in particular, apple devices for my work.

In this interview I talk about the lack of a system for all my image files which is an important part of ‘sharing my sketching adventures’. Listen to our chat in the embedded audio file above or here on the Macprenuer site which includes useful links in the show notes.

I hope you enjoy it!

Also check out the other episodes in his podcast as he talks to lots of interesting guests, I know most of them from my trip to Austin Texas last year (which is where I met Damien as well!)

Thanks Damien for inviting me on your podcast – it was so much fun!



  • Isabel Patchett says:

    Hi Liz, I really enjoyed listening to your interview on macpreneur, it was most interesting. I had a laugh along with you re what you use your newest iPad for I too have a new 12inch ipad which I love. Like you I have not set up my email either as when I use this iPad I do not want to spend time on emails ,I have mainly set it up for all my drawing and water colour lessons. I am going to put in Procreate to learn drawing but have not got around to that yet but I do have the pen to do it with.. I also use it for youtube which I am addicted to !! I have been thinking about putting Evernote in my desktop Mac which is about three yrs old now and after hearing you I think I will now give it a go, do not know how I am going to find the time to learn about it though. . I need to be able to sort out all the items I have from your website, lessons, newsletter and blog etc, I keep everything that will help me with my art. Oh I too just found out about Airdrop last year and it is so good.

  • My absolute favourite watercolour app is Tayasui pro. It is – as far as I am concerned – the most realistic for watercolour. Highly recommended.

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