Png:Sg Trip 09: Week 2 - Hanging out with friends

January 23, 2014 | 2 Comments

Week 2 in Penang was spend with friends so sketching wasn’t the focus… but I still managed a few pages. This was mainly due to the fact that I had my own accommodation and was able to sneak in a morning or evening sketch of the view from my hotel. I much prefer beach scenes that are predominately about the rocks with the water secondary… so it was fun to focus on painting water this week…. and I DO love drawing a series of the same thing over and over again (have you noticed that?)

I was really struggling with how soft my paint was in the hot humid weather and the excessive use… so sometimes the paint colour was way too intense…like this one! Trying out different brushes as well. I had bought a selection hoping to use them. Note to self: should use squirrel more often!

In the evening of Monday I went down to the ‘private’ beach associated with my hotel and while sketching, I heard a “Liz, Liz”… looked up and it was Luisa from the Penang Urban Sketchers (with her daughter and some friends)… ah! Penang is a small world. She recognised THE dress.

This dress ( 5 years old… my first attempt at sewing after 20 years and has been to all 4 USK symposiums!) seems to be my official sketching dress… when I wear it I sketch a lot! It also happens to be the coolest and most comfortable – so it gets hand washed and re-worn more than any in my travel wardrobe. Certainly can’t hide when wearing it.

Next morning – the view without any ink lines … though I did do a quick sketch with ink first (a new cheap hero pen I picked up on the first day).

A day in Georgetown with my friends… sadly I misread the message of where to meet and got bad advice on the bus and ended up waiting at the wrong spot… and causing all kinds of inconvenience to my friends. Sorry!

I had arrived early to get a quick sketch in – the wrong spot where I was (a bus terminal) had a good view. It was nice to sketch a bit more colonial architecture – this time including the historic Victoria clock tower.

Second attempt at a meeting spot (corner of the Yap Temple): I  got there early by 10 minutes so I was able to start a line only, rambling sketch to fill in time (and make a few friends as well wanting a group photo… but that goes without saying in Penang) Walked the streets for a bit showing my friends around to my favourite spots and then ended up back at Chinahouse for lunch.

Back to our local friend’s condo, the kids went in the pool.. .. I didn’t have my swimmers so sat poolside and sketched… I love the sound of kids playing in a pool… they always have a lot of fun.

Dinner Christmas Eve – Straits Quay was SO crowded and we had to wait over an hour for food. I should have started a long detailed sketch but I didn’t think I would have the time. Wanted to be sociable… although we took it in turns to go for a wander (we knew it would be a while… but… one hour?)

Calm overcast morning view on Christmas Day (out of order in my sketchbook!)

Christmas Day- I was with friends but none of us celebrate it…so we were just hanging out …but last minute preparations and coordinations for the conference were a priority. I wanted to sketch my friends amazing library… he has an incredible collection of Christian books – many very rare editions. If I go missing for a week next time I come to Penang – you know where to find me…in David’s library!

BTW I have abandoned drawing maps everyday this trip. It has been SO nice coming home without any homework. All the maps I did do, I did at the time! If I didn’t have time, I didn’t bother.


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