PMQ22 Part 4: More beaches and cafes

November 25, 2022 | Leave your thoughts

I hope that you are not tired of beach and cafe sketches because I have some more to share with you! 🙂


On Friday morning I met up with a church friend for coffee at Coast cafe. I arrived 20 minutes early so I could do a sketch before meeting her. So I don’t always sketch while catching up with friends! 🙂


Then I went back to Flynn’s Beach for a sunny day version of the rocks.  I really enjoyed doing this sketch!


My friend has told me of a Sushi place nearby so that was a no-brainer for lunch. And then I headed back to Shelly Beach. Flynn is busy and exciting but Shelly is relaxing and chill. I spent a few hours here, walking, enjoying the shade and sketching.


I was also experimenting with different coloured pencils in the shadow areas of the rocks.

Here is the view looking south at Shelly Beach. It was lovely and quiet here. I was feeling so relaxed!


But then in the evening I hung out with V and her friends again! I wasn’t really concentrating on this sketch but it was fun to work spontaneously and stop at the point where I didn’t know what to do next.

One of the guys looking through my book asked, ” Are you a surveillance operative?” I’ve never been asked that before!!!


Last sketching day in Port involved a quick solo visit to Flynn’s and trying to fit in two sketches before catching up with V.


I was quite surprised that I managed to finish both and the sun was getting hot by the time V drove by to pick me up.


And we ended up back at Coast cafe getting a coffee and then headed out to the sand dunes of Lighthouse Beach. My back didn’t like sitting on the dunes, the sun was hot and I was distracted by our conversation… so I wasn’t really in control of either of these sketches.


I’ve known for a while that I’m most interested in sketching rocks and waves and big open beaches just don’t do it for me. As I wrote at the time, I wish I had another week so I could work on these types of scenes and find a way to really enjoy them.


Time for lunch and another Mushroom on Toast…


…and then we went back to V’s for a cuppa. She has an amazing teacup collection!


Final sketch for the day was a quick one of the building where I stayed.

On the morning I left, I got up early so that I could do one more sketch at Flynn’s Beach…


… and one more visit to Sandbox. And hey! I got in a second final sketch of those rocks!


Once again I stopped at Bulahdelah on the way and did a sketch! I wanted to spend a little more time here and do a few more sketches but I was impatient to get the drive over and done with.

It was a truly wonderful holiday – lots of sketching, lots of socialising, lots of yummy food and lots of relaxing at the beach! I’m super thankful for fantastic weather as well.

Next week I’ll share my Trip Reflections.

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