Playing with paint: Turpentine Tree

October 19, 2016 | 3 Comments

In addition to the ink sketch of the garden I shared yesterday, I also did this watercolour version of the turpentine tree.

It is a perfect backyard tree because it shades the lawn without taking any space! It also creates privacy from google camera as all you can see from an aerial view of google earth is the massive canopy of the tree.

I am amazed at how much it is blossoming this year – I have never seen it like this before. So this little sketch records the incredible abundance of blossoms, even though you can’t see much of them, I know they are there.


  • melinda mcnutt says:

    It looks as if you used flat brush(es) on this sketch rather than your typical Dagger (one of which i ordered a couple of weeks ago and I love it; even carry it in a toothbrush holder from the Dollar Store, thank you.) Is that the case? (life intervened on completing your course in real time but I will revisit soon; in the meantime I also have received your book and can’t wait to read it.)

  • Looks large and impressive! Nice!!!

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