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October 10, 2017 | 3 Comments

I’m very excited to announce that Mike Botton and I are running the Palladian Odyssey Tours again next year and that bookings are now open.

If you were following my site in May/June this year you would have seen photos and sketches from  our wonderful adventures through the Veneto region of Italy.

It was a standout experience for me – the most enjoyable and satisfying workshop I have done (and I don’t say that lightly as I have taught many workshops and have loved each one).

What makes the Palladian Odyssey Tours so special?

It’s in Italy! (Do I need to say more?)

An incredible variety of towns and vistas.

Amazing food and settings… it’s not only the food but the backdrop to the places where we eat.

Specialised guided tours of our locations so that we all understand the significance of the places we are sketching.

Visiting Palladian buildings. Palladio is arguably the most important architect in the history of western architecture – the only man who has a style named after him and I wish more people knew about him. His buildings are the perfect examples for training people to sketch classical architecture.

In the tour we visit a number of his simpler villas in the countryside and then end up sketching his more elaborate buildings in Vicenza.

But the best part of the 2017 tours was the bond  that formed between us all and the significant development which we all experienced in our own work.

There was a noticeable improvement in everyone’s sketching over the 6 days in which we were together. It made me realise that longer workshops, with a chance to reinforce concepts and techniques day after day, are very effective in producing long-term results!

What kind of sketching do we do on the tour?

This tour has been designed for people with some on-location sketching experience who want to improve their technique for fast and spontaneous travel sketching.

The workshops are based on the concepts from SketchingNow Foundations (and Edges and Buildings too) but with a special emphasis on travel sketching.

When we travel the major challenges are that time is always limited and often the places we visit are visually complex. Over the years (with all my overseas trips) I have a lot of specific travel sketching concepts (which I have never shared online) to help sketch any scene within any time frame. This is what I teach in the Palladian Odyssey Tours.

I share a variety of techniques so that everyone can experiment and discover which ones work best for them. And with the gorgeous variety of scenes that we visit during the Palladian Odyssey we also explore how to apply different techniques to different subject matter.

More detailed reports:

2017 Palladian Odyssey Tour 1 Report

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For more information, to signup or if you have any questions, please visit the Palladian Odyssey website.

I would love you to join us in Italy in 2018!



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