One Week 100 People 2022 (with optional scavenger hunt)

February 17, 2022 | 7 Comments

I’m really excited to announce that Marc Taro Holmes and I are hosting another One Week 100 People challenge this year: 7-11 March 2022.

The goal is to sketch as many people as you can in 5 days either from life or from photos and see if you can reach 100. You can do this any way you like – simple pencil/pen drawings are totally fine (and in fact for the first few years of this challenge I didn’t add any colour). The idea is simply to push yourself to do more people sketching than you would normally do.  There is something special about striving for a big goal of 100 people sketches!

Post your work into the dedicated Facebook group and/or on Instagram (or other social platforms) using the hashtags #OneWeek100People and #OneWeek100People2022 – I’m going to be hanging out on Instagram predominantly (plus publishing articles here on the blog of course!)

As this is the sixth year in a row that Marc and I have hosted this challenge we decided to add something extra…

A scavenger hunt!

The challenge is to see how many different types of people you can sketch from the list below.

These should be sketched from real life/on location, not from photos.  You can add colour later, or even do a little more drawing. But the capture should be ‘in the moment’.
Note: Sketching from photos is totally okay for the general 100 people in a week challenge but the goal of this optional scavenger hunt is to get you outside sketching a variety of people! 🙂

We’ve added a point for every type of person (you can only score once for a subject) so the challenge is to see if you can get 20/20 while you are sketching your 100 people.

We’ve also added ‘bonus sketches’ which score 2x points because of their extra difficulty. So the potential maximum score is 30/20!

Note: This scavenger hunt is an OPTIONAL fun thing, Just a game to play that will get you out on the street and looking for new types of people to sketch.

I’m really looking forward to sketching more people out on the streets as in the last few years I’ve mainly done 100 faces from the comfort of a cafe table… so this scavenger hunt is exactly what I need this year!

Here’s the list:

Person with an Animal
Construction or City Worker
Office/Shop Worker
Person Carrying the Shopping
Person with Bike/Motorcycle/Scooter
Adult with Child
Someone Eating
Someone Drinking
Someone Reading/Writing
Person Standing in Line
Public Transit Portrait
Athlete in Action / Kids Activity
Street Performer / Performer on Stage / Presenter
People on Escalator / Elevator / Stairs
Two People in Conversation
Colorful Clothing / Odd Costume
Interesting Accessory (Cane, Umbrella, Cart, Pram)
Someone in Uniform
Postman / Delivery Person
Business Attire, Formal, Dressed to the Nines!

BONUS ITEMS (worth 2x!) :

A person doing something you’ve never drawn before.
A group of four or more people! (You might have to run to keep up with them :))
Unusual Posture – lying down, sitting cross legged, handstand!?
Portrait of a stranger, drawn with permission – you must engage and ask!
Someone doing something they shouldn’t be doing!

Find out more on Marc’s blog here and here.

I hope that you will join us!


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