Oneweek100people2020 Day 2: Having too much fun to focus on sketching

March 10, 2020 | Leave your thoughts

Today I spent the afternoon at Goodfields cafe and had a very low key sketchmeet. We had a nice group of sketchers come and go during the afternoon and we took over most of the big communal table at the cafe with lots of room to spread out. I was involved in almost non-stop fun conversations with the staff and other patrons – including some fun local characters at the end of the table who were happy to be subjects.

So my sketching was purely reflex today! But I’m super happy to have made it to 60 ink and wash sketches by the end of the afternoon. Tomorrow I want a calmer day so that I can focus on quality.

I think that the secret to cafe sketching is to let the staff know what you are doing and then they will become your greatest supporters. They will motivate you (ie. prompt you) to sketch every time you visit.

A huge thanks to Anthony and the staff of Goodfields for looking after us (and for letting us sketch them) and for the sketchers who turned up today. I plan to be at Goodfields again on Thursday afternoon if anyone wants to join.

Here is the full collection.

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