Oneweek100people2020 Day 3: Slowing down

March 11, 2020 | 2 Comments

This morning I headed back to Goodfields Eatery to enjoy a slow paced quiet morning. However the cafe was anything but quiet – really packed and busy. I felt exhausted after my two hour session and I think that was mainly the result of the noise and busyness rather than the concentration needed for another 20 odd people sketches.

Today I decided to work within frames and it was a lot of fun! Not only did it give my pages some structure, but it also was a good compositional challenge – ie. How to fit the face within the frame.

I think Day 3 is when things start coming together for me – I’m starting to become much more aware of the errors I make when sketching people and the areas I want to work on. There is still so much research and ‘at home’ practice I want to do but it’s great to be so focused and motivated to do it.

But at the same time, Day 3 is when I start feeling the pressure of spending too much time. Whilst I have a lot of freedom in how I spend my time, I do have a lot going on and I need to focus on other work too this week! Ah! but these are the type of tensions that exist with any good challenge, hey?

Here are my pages from this morning:

Finally, I filmed a video yesterday of my technique when sketching from photos.


Click here to view it.

How are you going with the challenge?



  • I got behind on day 1 because i fogot my dedicated sketchbook at home, but then i realized i could sketch from TV, so i checked out the biathln and ski jumping competition. Ski jumping had really interesting poses.
    So now i don’t sketch like crazy during the day, because I know I can work on ti when i get home.

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