One week 100 people is on again!

July 15, 2017 | Leave your thoughts


Past USK President Elizabeth Alley suggested we re-boot this one week 100 people speed sketching project as a warm-up for all the drawing we’ll be doing together in Chicago during the Urban Sketchers Symposium. So it’s on again… NEXT WEEK!

 If you are not going to Chicago we would love you to join in the fun as well.
Please use the hashtag #oneweek100peoplesymposium

I am in the middle of packing so please check out Marc’s post for more info.

As I will be flying for the start of the week I am going to be aiming for more of a onejourney100people but not sure if I will have enough energy for that – I normally chill out totally on my long haul flights. If you are interested here are my sketches from the last oneweek100people.

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