Off Site backup (and thoughts about bushfires)

October 21, 2013 | Leave your thoughts


how to make a page out of nothing much… well a black box with a blue flashing light isn’t very exciting… but I just let myself go. It is funny that often these type of pages that record the trivia of life are the most fun to come across years later. Suddenly realised that although I have a very good backup and archive system inside the house I didn’t have anything off site…so if the house burn down I would lose everything. So the small black box with blue flashing light is not trivia. Amazing when you start working from home  some of your good systems are no longer adequate enough!

It is also a record of more momentous and tragic events which prompted my shocking lack of good backup at home – terrible bushfires. 200 homes destroyed – the area of bush that has been burnt so far is the size of Switzerland (so I am told!)

Oh – I sketched at the tyre place today as well but that one isn’t really worth posting…. sometimes experiments don’t work but it is so good to be back to sketching the trivia in my daily life again!

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