New Zealand Trip: Part 2

January 16, 2017 | 17 Comments

It was really nice that we finished up our NZ trip with some summer weather!

We had two days in the lovely town of Akaroa, which despite a daytime influx of 7000 people from two cruise ships, returned to a lazy summer holiday place in the evening. While I was sketching the kids jumping off the wharf, a woman from Christchurch who was on vacation for a week, sat down and chatted to me.

is a small town located in the middle of an old volcano and is surrounded by hills. This is a view from the ‘summit road’ along the rim.

We headed to the small settlement of Okain’s Bay on one of the outer bays of the volcano and sketched the small general store and old petrol station.

Lots of cute cottages some with French influences (Akaroa was a French settlement in the early days) and we sketched one of them.

Numerous wharves, boating club buildings and a lighthouse.

Here is the spread I did with three quick sketches.

And some photos of scenes that I didn’t get to sketch…

…and yes the water was really that colour!

On the last evening we had some background music. How stunning is that?

The final 4 nights were spent in Auckland – a city that is built around its harbour.

On the first evening I sketched the view from my bed (using my blue scarf to protect the white sheets!)

On Saturday Murray Dewhurst took us around town and gave us a great overview of the city, including views of distant old volcanoes.

We sketched One Tree Hill (yes, another volcano) that is an important Maori memorial.

Here is Murray and his daughter Zoe in action.

In the afternoon we had lunch with Eric, another local sketcher who I had met in Singapore, and we sketched the view of the city.

Chris’s photo showing our view.

Here is a part of my sketch.

Today was our final day and I went a little crazy. I did 10 separate sketches.

We went to Devonport and I sketched The Esplanade Hotel on the corner.

And then another street scene.

We walked to Cheltenham Beach and I loved this boat shed.

We then returned to the city and ended the day in Albert Park.

Here are four double page spreads from today:

It has been a great holiday, and as always I have lots of new ideas in my head so I’m keen to get back to normal life so I can work on them!



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