New Teacup Era

October 17, 2015 | 2 Comments

I am someone that makes periodic rather than constant changes. So I use the one teacup all the time for a season and then change it. All year I used my SketchingNow foundations cup until I bought a new one for Edges. But now both of these cups have strong associations with insane work hours so I have made a change. I like the way that the structured nature of this teacup reflects what I am trying to achieve at the moment. Perhaps the title ‘new era’ is a little over the top – hmm, what is the word I should have used?


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  • Marianna says:

    Teacups … a new attitude.
    Other good words; style, approach, stance, look, concept.
    Whew … ????

  • JOAN says:

    Interesting how you choose each teacup for a season. I see this new one as "new direction."
    After all, isn't that where you're headed. All are lovely. Teacups are hard to find where I live in the Desert Southwest of the USA.

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