Mixing Orange

April 16, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

I am starting to make a few adjustments to my 12 x full pan palette as a few things are not working for me on location.

First issue: I can’t get a good orange consistently (mixing Perm Rose and Lemon Yellow) so need to add an orange-red colour.

I just saw that Kate Johnson was recently trying to find a mix for Cad Orange.

I never use any Cads – I prefer working with transparent colours but I was curious to see what she was raving about (and I just so happen to have an old tube of it in my paint drawer) And yes, indeed it is a lovely colour and quite different from Schminke Translucent Orange which is a normal colour in my 20 half pan palette. It appears that Cad orange dries darker – it is the most luminous colour when the paint hits the paper – wow! However, Translucent Orange is more like the tone that I need to mix.

Anyway (rambling a bit tonight!) I find that mixing a lemon yellow with an intense orange is achieving what I want (doesn’t make sense as one would think that you would mix a mid yellow not a green-yellow)

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