Full Pan Palette

April 2, 2012 | 1 Comment

Just realised that I forgot to post this here…. sorry blog followers!

Due to popular demand – here is the listing of the colours I put in my new set of full pans.

It is hard to believe … But the last time I listed my full set (20 colours half pans) was just before I went to Lisbon here

It is interesting that this set has not changed an awful lot since then (just one colour swap)

I am really looking forward to doing more mixing – particularly my greens. I do love DS Serpentine Green- the best straight out of the tube green and wonderful Australian green, and I will miss Perylene Green which gives me wonderful dark greens so easily – but mixed greens ARE nicer and I LOVE what quin gold does to blue pigment!

I am a little unsure about mixing reds and orange. Orange is ok but to get a good vivid primary or orange red is going to take a little bit of experimentation.

This page LOOKS wrong without green in there!

Apart from my alternative burnt sienna and raw sienna colur my most unusual selection is potters pink (thanks to Robyn havedogswilltravel.blogspot.com.au/) – I can’t do with out it…and it is not JUST because it makes the most wonderful cream colour (ie. As in double clotted cream and jam and scones!)

So what colour am I missing? I know I am exposing myself to be sorely tempted by suggestions … But I think I am strong enough!

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