Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2014 | 1 Comment


I don’t really ‘DO’ Christmas – this year is first time in 3 years I am home and able to spend the day with my family (normally I am traveling on my own somewhere).

However, I do love sketching Christmas trees. Here is a loose interpretation of the huge tree at Martin Place.

Merry Christmas to everyone that observes it…and Happy Holidays to you all!

If anyone is interested….You can read my thoughts about Christmas and why I don’t celebrate it here

1 Comment

  • I understand your reasons for not celebrating Christmas. I agree it isn't a Bible requirement and my family is so spread out across the country that we really can't get together. But I do love giving little gifts to my two little grandgirls and their parents (my baby girl and her hubby) who do live close enough. So it's my excuse. 🙂 I'm enjoying very much following your artistic travels!

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