Mega book and shapes

November 25, 2014 | 1 Comment

We were having a conversation about ‘high ceilings’ on the weekend and I said that I loved the low ceilings of Mid Century Modern houses – the sense of cosiness and expansion at the same time, connection with the outside, the clean lines. Why do we HAVE to have high ceilings?
Anyway, that reminded me of a special but total

ly impractical book I bought a number of years ago. A mega book on the Case Study Houses. So I dug it out from the bottom shelf and took it out of its protective cardboard box… and in my quiet moments this week will be enjoying fipping through the age…hmm, no ‘flipping’ with this book as the pages are so large- it’s more of a careful page turning exercise.

I am VERY excited about my Foundations Lesson 3 which goes live tomorrow. We will be Abstracting Shapes. I am SO obsessed with shapes at the moment. I love starting with them and then working with line afterwards.

This sketch was done in that way in a free and easy way… a nice way to wind down after two ‘full-on’ days. Lots of difficulties crossed my path in the last 48 hours – but so thankful that I am back on track (just!)

BTW those that are enrolled in my course – keep an eye out for the ‘cardboard box’ backdrop in the video demos… yes, you guessed it, it was this CSH book in its box.
BTW2 a new exciting ink colour… more later in the week (I hope!)
BTW3 Does anyone else own this book – do you ever look at it???? And do you have the Neutra one with the timber covers (I am surprised I didn’t buy that one at the time because I would love it too!)

1 Comment

  • Ah – the one with the Jules Schulman photos. I have lusted after it. I am usually a sucker for books like this, but I have managed to resist on several occasions. I'm lucky to live in LA. Take my students to the Eames house from time to time, and was lucky enough to have met Pierre Koenig. An old boss was a friend of his and asked him to the office to talk to us.

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