Last Week: Not what I had planned

November 27, 2017 | 9 Comments

It’s a long time since I last shared all my sketches from ‘last week’. And in fact I know that you haven’t seen many daily sketches as a general rule for the last few months. That’s because I haven’t been sketching much at all. If it wasn’t for my morning coffee sketches my pages would be very blank.

Last week was a sabbatical week but I knew that I had too much work to take a total break. The plan was to limit my work to 4 hours and to allow myself some time to go out sketching. Well, sad to say, that didn’t happen as I had a re-scheduled workshop on Tuesday evening, so I had to work hard on Mon-Tues to prepare for that. I also had a few meetings and a lot to do for SketchingNow Watercolour. I managed to have two quieter days but overall I still probably worked close to 40 hours.

Somehow, despite a little more margin last week, I didn’t sketch much at all. I think this is the result of generally getting out of the habit lately. I am hoping that once my big filming days are over (day 2 and 3 for SketchingNow Watercolour are on this week) that I will feel a little more relaxed and able to think about sketching again.

Hmm, this has been a bit of a rambling blog post… I just felt as if I needed to give you an update on how things have been for me lately and why I’m not sharing many recent sketches. I know that it is just a season of busy-ness and little sketching, but that I will get back to it soon.

How are you going with your sketching? It is a busy time of the year – how do you find time to fit sketching into your daily routine?



  • How busy you are! filming, and planning lessons, my head would be too filled to concentrate on sketching for fun too.
    Like you in busy times, sketching is the last on my program, right now I should be making the handout for my christmasscard sketchingworkshop due on wednesday ;).
    I do have a weekly appointment with some fellowsketchers around here, so at least once a week I sketch, and it really feels lik a day off.

  • If I fitted in as much sketching as you do in a week, I would be very happy! And I have no excuse!

  • Mary Beth Person says:

    I sketched with a group this week, for the first time in AGES. I loved not being the only person in the museum that was sketching. I loved the open, relaxed “throw down” at the end of the designated time. I loved seeing all the different viewpoints that were taken of the same area and subject matter. But my biggest takeaway? What I’ve learned from YOU through your SketchingNow series/blog sharing over the past two years. Your. teaching videos and honest sharing from your daily sketching has taught me SO MUCH! Thank you, thank you. Now go get some rest! 🙂

  • Corinne McNamara says:

    It is a busy time of year, and in the midst of Thanksgiving week, essays to grade (grad school), and family birthdays, I got a bad cold. I put off the grading off for a week and used my minimal energy looking through books for ideas. The cold is better today, and I have some sketching and card ideas. I have to teach today, and I still have to grade those papers, but I’ll take sketching breaks.

  • Dionne says:

    You have been very busy. I’m surprised you’ve recovered from hoping all around the globe. Your also prepping a watercolor class with crazy video filming hours. There is no way I would be able to do two all day filming sessions in one week. I’m empresses you get in as much sketching as you do. Since inktober I’ve been very consistent with my sketching and want to keep it up.

  • Julie-Anne says:

    I am trying to get back into the habit of doing 2-5min sketches on the train each day. Semi-successful. I have a very long commute and you would think that I would do it more often but stuff gets in the way!

  • Great to see you were able to get a few sketches done. I don’t know how you manage with your full schedule. I have days that are full of sketching and days that I haven’t sketched either. I have two holiday exhibits and sales that I am taking part in so I’ve spent a lot of time getting things ready to sell. That should quiet down soon and I can get back to my normal sketching every day. It is hard to get back to doing it if you allow it to slip away for too long.

  • sandra says:

    Pleased to hear you got to have a small break. Knowing the amazing quality of your online and face to face workshops I imagine your are working far too much. I try to do something “arty” every day. Sometimes it can just be glueing a piece onto a collage or picking up my brush and adding a few strokes of detail to a botanical painting. I just have to do something everyday or my day is not complete. Can’t wait for the w/c workshop 🙂

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