Last Scones from T2 teahouse Macquarie Centre!!!!!

June 20, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Historic sketch… my last scones from T2 teahouse at Macquarie Centre (quick visit on the way home from my class). Although I plan to visit on the last day tomorrow, I am quite sconed out at the moment so will have something else. There is no doubt that I am going to be even more ‘somewhat’ teary tomorrow – especially if they are so crowded that there is no chairs or food left. Maybe I should bring my sketching stool??? I plan to be there in the afternoon

Today: Here is the finished spread from a rushed sketch this afternoon… without my paints! I was wondering why my bag was so light!!! The paintwork of the house is a lovely blue but I didn’t have my blue WCP either… so I did it green which is a more standard colour for this vintage building. After this weeks class, I am thinking about how I compose the page more- rather than just doing it instinctively…. balance, white space, connection….
The scones are from a fake photo shoot at t2 yesterday (sigh! tomorrow is the last visit!!)

BTW something from the past….

December 2008 – my first visit to the T2 teahouse… wow! so much has happened since then!
And to think that it took me a whole year to get around to have the courage to go inside… it looked so dark and intriguing. Before I entered the amazing world of the teahouse, I used to go to Macquarie Centre simply for functional shopping… never dreaming that it would become my most special sketching opportunities. Thanks again to all the wonderful staff that has made it so!

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