Ink and Pen Pairing

December 23, 2014 | 4 Comments

I am having so much fun with the new De Atramentis Document inks. Not only mixing colours that suit me but also finding pens to put these colours in. I have a crazy collection of fountain pens some of which I have never used much …for various reasons but often it was because they did not flow well with the Noodlers Bulletproof Black ink.

I LOVE my Kaweco Sport pen that I have had for nearly 2 years but haven’t been sure what to put in it. To date it has been standard ink cartridges (water soluble) but I only use watersoluble ink at times so the pen has been somewhat neglected. As soon as I put my mixed raw sienna in the pen… something clicked. A perfect pairing of ink and pen!

The other pens are feeling good as well…

BTW those pens without a convertor, I empty the cartridge and then refill with a syringe.

I am not sure what I will end up carrying with me as part of my standard kit but I AM having fun at the moment (oh! I said that before!)

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