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December 22, 2014 | 2 Comments

I just haven’t had the time to keep my blog up to date lately and feel like I haven’t been doing much daily sketching lately… but putting this blog post together has proved that even when I am ‘not seriously sketching’ I am still sketching. (sketching at Collaroy Beach)

These pages represent a number of testing of the new DeA document inks and this current sketchbook is a lot looser, casual and less planned than my usual. It is a sign of how busy I have been – I have never worked such long hours, so my sketching just sneaks in during quiet moments. I have stopped even writing the date on my pages! (the full spread of my red ink lines and turquoise ink sketch of my new fancy heads for my toothbrush)  

I also haven’t been writing notes from my morning readings lately as I am resting my hand as much as I can (particularly when it comes to neat handwriting!). Of course I am still reading the Bible every morning – I couldn’t start a day without that! – but just not recording it. Somehow not doing this makes the sketchbook feel a very incomplete record of my life. But I have no rules for my sketchbook – I do whatever I can, whenever I can… and my book always reflectsthat.

Been testing out some new cushions. I bought the BackJoy (still to test it out sketching on location – more soon) and the lovely man at BadBacks lent me the HumanTool Saddle cushion to test out for a few days. It was interesting… but just not ready to make a purchase yet until I look at a new chair options.

A catch up with ‘Colour Jane’ and testing my new mixed raw sienna and dark blue. Interesting note relating to the Blood Orange tart – DeA ink floats and Carbon Ink sinks. More about this later.  

When I am tired- I sketch teacups. When I am early for an appointment, I sketch local houses. Nothing new… but wait, coloured inks is NEW! What fun!

And finally the full spread from last month. I shared my cricket bats but didn’t scan the Pablo and Rusty coffee I had. I didn’t have any water on my so used my waterbrush filled with grey ink instead. Well, I think I am up to date now! Yay! good feeling!


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