In The Rocks on a sunny winters days

July 4, 2014 | 3 Comments

I have a few days of daily sketches to catch up on this week… but in the mean time here are the two sketches I did today – back in the The Rocks again! Was there yesterday and will be there tomorrow for the USK SYD event.

Today I did a bit of preparation for my 2-day workshop coming up next week (I have been so overwhelmed by the popularity of this workshop – it filled up in the first 2 days! – that I hope to be able to run it again soon!)

I also just did some sketching just for me. In the first sketch I did ink then wash the second was paint first and then lines. Both of these were done on the new moleskine watercolour paper (the back side) – read my review for more info if you missed it.

Also both of these sketches were done thinking about taking photos and movies more than concentrating on the sketch itself… ah! another reason to sketch regularly so you can do it in an almost reflex mode!

And as someone just got a NEW camera (yesterday – more later!) I ended up taking a few photos.
– It was a sparkling sunny winters day today- I never get tired of the view from Circular Quay train station.
– A few photos in action – and showing how I use the other side of my A4 moleskine as a table for my paint tin and water containers.
– A sketch-less visit to the Teacosy today …organising the Sketchbook Skool tea party in August(more details soon)  and catching up with a non sketching friend….. Ah! so good to use a real camera for a change instead of my iphone!

Well I better get back to work – part of a freelancing lifestyle is the fact that I am out during the day (and sometimes socialising for a part of it) but then have to work nights to keep up!


  • Liz Steel says:

    bring your sword with you Leigh. I struggle using my other swordliner as it is too long and floppy. This one is a lot easier to use!

  • I'm going to be interested to see how you use your Dagger brush. I have two of them – a Terry Harrison 'Sword' and a princeton, but I can't get on with them at all and have taken them out of my kit.

  • I thought I did comment on the Moleskine new paper vs. old paper post but don't see it…I was curious as to your thoughts. I really like the new paper, backside look. Very clean and fresh and with less granulation, never a favorite effect of mine for some reason. Glad you were able to stock up though since you prefer the old paper.

    These sketches are just wonderful with the crisp colors and clean look. Your architectural buildings are always favorites of mine because I can see your education shining through. I do also love the tea cups and am always amazed at the beauty and variety out there in the world.

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