HIghlights from my trip to Melbourne in September - Part 1

December 5, 2013 | Leave your thoughts


Sketches from a week in Melbourne 2013 – the reason for the trip was running two workshops. So sketchbook is a ‘working book’ – sketching during workshops, working out ideas while casing the joint and relaxation sketches as I felt like it in between. Was a crazy week…and once again the most sketched subject was Flinders Street Station (well as well as a few tea/ coffees)

Hard to believe that I haven’t made the time to scan my Melbourne sketchbook from September before now…and that I was thinking that it would remain unscanned. But that is a sign of how much I have on my plate these days. And amazingly I managed to scan, photoshop and upload the entire sketchbook in one evening – no idea how I did that but it sure feels great to have finally completed it.

Full set on flickr (includes the working pages from the workshops as well)

Easyjet flight down….. they are one of the more fun airlines to sketch due to the lovely orange everywhere.

Arts Building tower Melbourne University – a warm up sketch the day before my sketching architecture workshop – casing the joint for suitable subjects for the exercsies planned (and what to do in wet weather)

End of the day demo during the workshop of the cloister in the Arts Building – Melbourne University.

Post workshop wind down sketch – the cloister in the Arts Building – Melbourne University.

Afternoon tea at French Fantasies in South Yarra (where my 2 day workshop was held)

Crazy sketch of the Forum from a sheltered spot in Federation Sqaure on a very wet afternoon – so many sketchable buildings in Melbourne!

Coffee and muffin with Jody Wiley at Degraves Expresso – a Melbourne institution.


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