Hard vs Soft, Plane vs Colour

September 4, 2015 | 1 Comment

With my Edges course now underway I have gone from one state of busy-ness to another! So finding time for sketching ‘just for me’ is a challenge! I am extremely thankful that this time around it is a lot less frentic and stressful than when I first ran Foundations. It is dealing with all the IT support at the same time as maintaining the group discussion AND preparing the next weeks lesson, that is the real pressure. But I am feeling a lot calmer this time around.

Anyway, last night at midnight I needed to wind down for the day (working past 11.30 pm is not what I am supposed to be doing… but hey, there was cricket on in the background!) so I sat down for a cuppa.

What’s going on? Hot water rather than tea. A mug rather than a teacup and white rather than coloured and patterned. This sketch is just to prove that what normally I share online is not the full picture… I am drinking hot water more and more these days and have had this lovely mug for a year but been too in awe of its texture to attempt it. So it feels good to have finally sketched it! Thanks V. – I am getting good use of this beautiful gift!

Next week in Edges we will be looking at hard and soft edges, so this was certainly on my mind while I was doing this sketch.

Speaking of hard and soft edges…. here is sneak peak of one small part of Edges lesson 2!
While filming for next weeks lesson, I somehow got a little distracted from testing hard and soft edges on different paper and started playing with textures as well!! Can’t help myself when I have a paintbrush in hand! ?

Doing a few sketches of different views of my green cup that I will use in ?Lesson 1 feedback post. There are so many art concepts that can be explained by sketching teacups!! Sorry… I just can’t help myself!!!

This week is all about distinguishing between edges that are changes in plane and those that are changes in colour – or whether they are both. I find this distinction is ver ypowerful for simplifying complex scenes and creating a sense of depth when I am out sketching on location. It is the base on which we will be building for the remaining three lessons when the fun really starts.

And here are the top sketches in the final sketchbook spread. I must say that I am loving this A5 Beta book. I am getting used to the paper and the change in format is a good break. Its not a long term solution for a daily sketchbook for me (I need more pages per book) but perfect for me right now!

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