Happy Thanksgiving: A turkey sandwich

November 26, 2009 | 1 Comment

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends. To share in the mood (because of course we don’t celebrate it), I went out and had a turkey and cranberry sandwich. (remember we are ahead here in Australia)


I had the same last year here

I also did an Australian turkey page

I have just realised that I really should treat myself to going out for lunch and sketch once a week and try out all the earl grey teas of Crows Nest – where I work. It brings back the holiday mood, gives me the creative buzz and is very pleasant food/drink wise too! I always feel self conscious when in my home turf – or work turf but why should it bother me that people I know might see me?

In regard to the creation of the page….I keep forgetting…

  • Rule No. 1: Ask for the business card when you walk in the door – I did plan for it but was out of scale and ended up having to crop it slightly. Also, I ended up wanting to write more and made a bit of a mess with my text sizes, spacing and alignment…so maybe another rule
  • Rule No. 2: allow for more text than you initially think.
  • Also, I would like to colour my rectangle but it is so incredibly difficult to do it well on this cartridge paper. I have been testing out some WC paper – I am really longing to start using better page…although there are many things that I love about these books.

1 Comment

  • Claire M says:

    Cool page and nice of you to think of our Turkey celebrations. I'm glad that you were able to make a special day out of it for yourself! I just love your pages!!

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