More teacups matching my green teapot

November 30, 2022 | 1 Comment

My latest teacup project (exploring different teapot and teacup combos) has been going on in the background. I’m still using my dark green teapot and still finding cups in my collection that go nicely with it. I’m also still enjoying drawing the side views of my cups as I’m normally more aware of the saucer design. It’s a good way to work on achieving symmetrical sketches too. But I am looking forward to changing teapots!

So here is a combined image showing all my recent teacup sketches. I’ve just started going through my Royal Albert 100 years set and as they are all the same shape I’m going to mix up the views I sketch.

Nearly all of these sketches involve some ‘markering’ (using the GoldFaber Aqua markers by Faber Castell)…

This one was done just with markers due to the complexity of the pattern.

Combining markers and watercolour and making the most of ‘bad marks’ to create texture.

Combining watercolour and markers to create interesting lively colour.

Using GoldFaber Aqua colours: Light yellow ochre, Lavender light, Pale pink, Chromium green opaque, Light purple pink 
And one more watercolour and marker teacup sketch!

Using GoldFaber Aqua colours: Light yellow ochre, Lavender light, Light yellow glaze, Chromium green opaque, Light purple pink

1 Comment

  • Louise Boyer says:

    Ohhh always loved your teacups sketches! When you came to Montreal, you gave me a few stickers ?. Wanted to sketch with you, but I arrived too late. Hoping to see you again one day.

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