Garden sketchabout 2 - Sketches

March 19, 2011 | 1 Comment

But first…
110319 Tara Tearoom with a friend
I well and truly have found a new tearoom to call ‘my own’! Love this place and am now sharing it with my friends.
Once again I had a big day- walked across the harbour bridge, morning tea and sketching in the gardens. (NO afternoon tea though today!)
110319 Sketchabout 2_01 New Sculpture
Warmup sketch before the start of the sketchabout – this is a brand new sculpture and very fun to draw. What was not so fun was the rain and the wind. I did manage to get the linework done sitting on my stool holding onto my umbrella – but the painting side was a bit too hard.
110319 Sketchabout 2_02 Palm Tree map
110319 Sketchabout 2_03 Yellow Bamboo
110319 Sketchabout 2_04 Rathbourne Lodge
My sketches from Sketchabout 2! Great turnout for a very wet day – 23 approx sketchers. We were given access to Rathbourne lodge and were able to sit under the verandah and sketch the courtyard. Not quite the options that we had last week but it was really nice to have most of the group together.

If you are in Sydney…PLEASE COME ALONG NEXT WEEK!! Even if it is raining – there is so much to see and sketch in our wonderful garden!!!!

1 Comment

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